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Bank accounts – To collect money from visitors and clients on website you require a payment gateway which can help you to start any online business.

There are tons of payment gateways available online nowadays. You need to define your business whether it is local, national or international business. Depending on your geographical marketing campaign you can give options to your customers to choose right payment gateway and process the payment towards purchasing any item on your website.

Local / National Bank Accounts and Payment Gateways

Now a days most of the countries have national banking clearing center which means anyone can transfer inter bank funds from one account to other. We recommend this service for national business because of the following reasons:-

  • Quick easy to start
  • No set-up fees
  • No or minimum service charges
  • Fast and easy integration in website by giving your bank details and info. to contact you after making payment
  • Instant or same day transaction in your bank account
  • No credit card requirement.

International Accounts and Payment Gateways

There are many payment gateways which accept funds internationally and automatically deliver your internet product instantly after making payment by customer.

Few benefits of International Payment Gateway

  • Collect any currency of any country and transfer the funds in your local currency.
  • Auto delivery of services, internet products after making the payment.
  • Start free or with minimum cost
  • Free invoicing and reference tracking of delivery goods
  • Simple to use by integrating code to products/service and running online cart in minutes.
  • Processing charges for fund transfer applicable as per plan accepted by you.
  • Process any online bank, credit & debit cards internationally.

I am listing few bank accounts and payment gateways in this category which will definitely boost your business and you can start collecting money from vendors right away just by simple sign-up and adding payment processor code to your webpages.

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